Fuel Right Diesel Fuel Treatment

fuel right diesel fuel treatment

Treat Your Fuel For Only Pennies A Litre

  • Dissolve and Prevent Microbial Sludge Growth
  • Much More Effective Than Biocides or Conventional Additives
  • Optimizes Fuel Economy and Reduces Emissions
  • Cleans Tanks, Fuel Lines and Strainers
  • Restores Lubricity and Stabilizes Fuel (Including Gasoline)
  • Provides Microscopic Coating on Tanks and Lines to Prevent Corrosion
  • Prevents Fuel Line Freezing

Why We Recommend Fuel Right

Over the past 10 years we have tried several high-end diesel fuel additives. None of them performed as well as Fuel Right.

We are looking for a few specific performance parameters. Cost was not one of our concerns.

  • Clean the walls of the tank. Tanks holding diesel fuel are prone to two issues that involve the fuel specifically causing tank problems. The first is the tank walls become coated with an asphaltene from the diesel fuel. This asphaltene is corrosive to the tank walls and associated components. This includes the engine fuel pumps and injectors. We needed a product that could accomplish this during the polishing process and continue to keep the tanks clean after the polishing process was finished.
  • Treat the fuel and minimise the process of agglomeration and repolymerization during long term storage (in other words eliminates sludge).
  • Keep the fuel from absorbing moisture during long term storage.

Fuel Right is the only product that we have found that meets those 3 parameters.

It does a lot more than that.

If you are storing gasoline or diesel fuel in boats or any kind of machinery, Fuel Right will make your start-up much easier and cleaner. We run Fuel Right in both of our diesel trucks and our diesel generator. We never have issues with difficult starting even when working in Northern Ontario in the winter where temperatures of -30 are common.

Fuel Right is used in almost every Ontario Government building that has a generator (that’s a couple of hundred) and we use it at every job we do which includes most data centres and hospitals in Southern Ontario.

From a cost standpoint, Figure about ¢2 per treated litre.

fuel right diesel fuel treatment

Fuel Applications

Bulk Storage
Heating Oil
Power Generation
Heavy Equipment

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