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Our Lab

Weeden Clean Fuels lab only evaluates diesel fuel.

All our equipment is set up to process only diesel fuel.

Therefore our results are very accurate due to the calibrations.

We can test for particulate using the Hydac FCU 1315 set up for ISO.

The Hydac FCU 1315 also is calibrated to give saturation levels of moisture in diesel fuel.

This is backed up by the Mettler Toledo C20S Coulometric KF Titrator.

This Karl Fischer unit is used to determine the amount of moisture in fuel in PPM.

Each sample is sampled 3 times for accuracy.

We determine the % of biodiesel in fuel using the InfraCal 2 ATR-B. This test is becoming more critical as biofuel is introduced into the Canadian market.

Our particulate, saturation and biodiesel content tests can be done in the field.

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